The European Bedding Industries’ Association was created in January 2000. Its founding members were the national bedding associations of Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and The Netherlands, and 3 multinational groups, i.e. Oniris, Recticel and Slumberland.

Position Papers


A Charter for Members and Associated Members of the European Bedding Industries’ Association


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EBIA Communication Mattresses are Safe – The Vital Societal Importance of Healthy Sleep Deserves Full Recognition


EBIA, the European Bedding Industries’ Association represents the interests of the national federations of major European bedding articles’ manufacturers and suppliers. Mattresses are by far the most important product line. As it concerns an item that is in intimate and lasting contact with the user, all inherent aspects related to safety, health and environment are of utmost concern to our industry.


In this respect, EBIA recognises the motives behind the European Parliament’s and Council’s General Product Safety Directive (GPSD) published in January 2002, aiming to set up safety requirements for each product launched on the market in view of maximum consumer protection. Nevertheless, certain points in the Directive regarding fire risk regulations have raised justified concern in the industry’s circles. Hence, EBIA feels additional clarification on certain aspects of the future scenario is in the interest of all stakeholders.


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