The EBIA Award is intended to promote both creativity and innovation and is be awarded to a person, company, organization or authority having made a significant contribution to the sector.


Kathleen McGrath:
How does sleep education aid general health… sometimes you just need to speak to a healthcare professional.

François Duforez:

Raymond Cluydts:
Sleep enhances performance, learning and memory. Sleep improves creative ability to generate ‘aha’ moments and to uncover novel connections among seemingly unrelated ideas.

Jürgen Zulley:
When you consider how important sleep is and how much of our lives we actually spend in our beds, it becomes clear why buying the right bed is important.

Damien Léger:
A new bedding:

  • Improves subjective sleep and wake
  • Decreases objective activity during sleep
  • Increases objective activity during the day

Eduard Estivill:
Sleep is the fabric of our daily lives. While we sleep we repair and restore what we need to have a good day. Therefore, it is essential for us to sleep well.

Anton Coenen:
People who suffer from sleep deprivation during several days are on the brink of total exhaustion. The organism needs restoring, physically and cognitively.